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Re: apt-get upgrade fails due to kernel-image problem

On 12/16/05, gregory duchesnes <gregory@icilalune.com> wrote:
> Well lsmod gives me this :
> Is there a quick way to get the list of modules and drivers i can erase?

I'd run the output of lsmod through sort and keep that in one window
for easy reference.  In another window, I'd run
$ find /lib/modules/2.4.21-20.EL/ -name '*.o' -ls | sort -rnk 7 | less

That should list the modules in order of decreasing size.  You can
start with the largest module, and work your way down.  For example,
on the RHEL system I'm currently sitting in front of, the largest
module is kernel/drivers/addon/qla2200/qla2300.o , which I'm not
using, and which weighs in at just over 700K.

Michael A. Marsh

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