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Re: OT: don't understand something about xpdf

Joe Mc Cool wrote:
cutting and pasting from a pdf - both text and image - is fairly easy using the tools/utils from xpdf.

Under X I can drag my mouse over the _text_ in a pdf file.  Then in an
xemacs window I can double click and the text is pasted in there.  (A
very useful facility.)

How come ?  Surely the text in the pdf file is not ascii ?  Surely
even the text is stored as a "graphic" in the pdf file ?

I am obviously misunderstanding something.

Joe Mc Cool

PDF is just a stripped down and compressed version of PS. Thus, the text is certainly copyable. It may not be stored directly in ASCII format in the PDF (as in I am not sure if this is the case or not), but it is accessible as some kind of text.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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