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RE: Built 2.6.14!

>>1. I am not using udev. Apparently not using devfs either because I compiled 
>>that into the kernel with no change. Since I am based on an older knoppix 
>>install, what exactly am I using? Devpts is what? How do I get modules 
>>and alsa working?

>I note that any attempt to place CONFIG_DEVFS=y (or CONFIG_DEVFS_FS as 
>in the Makefile by the devfs sources!!) produces an undefined symbol error. I 
>did, however, notice some errors dealing with devfs elsewhere. In any event, 
>this was NOT in the kernel I compiled!

Actually, I do not know how I booted this kernel. The yaird initrd that 
actually worked panicked out about no devfs. However, the mkinitrd one boots 
up just fine, without devfs.

The "kernel modules no enabled" message I get --the config certainy has them 
"yes". Some things do modprobe but alsa and a few others do not.

There is no devfs mounted, haven't had this in ages. devpts is.

My /dev has hundreds of entries, only a handfull of which are actually 
associated with a real device. So if I am "static", why can't I get the rest 
of the 2.6.14 modules to work?

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