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Re: how to use makefile to work with psnup

kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
> H. S. wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to make a makefile to convert PDFs in a directory to 4-up
>> PDFs using psnup but I am not able to.
>> I have L??N.pdf files in a directory and wish to produce a
>> corresponding 4-up PDF for each file named L??N-4up.pdf.
> Sorry about the dumb question. But should not you use pdfnup for
> n-upping the pdf files instead of psnup? or is there any reason that I
> am missing?
> thanks
> raju

I am doing this at my university and we don't have pdfnup available. But
quite interesting question though, I didn't know pdfnup existed! I will
try this at my home machine, running Debian where I see this:

$> apt-cache search pdfnup
pdfjam - collection of PDF document handling utilities


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