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Fwd: orinoco wireless on sid

Hi all.

I sent this to debian-laptop a few days ago, and haven't gotten any
responses, so I thought I'd try the wider-readership list.

It's now a full week since I lost my wireless, and still no indication
that the kernel team has looked at my bug report.  I was going to try
compiling the orinoco module myself, but the kernel-source version for
2.4.27 (-11) doesn't match the kernel-image version (-12), and I have
no idea what kind of mess I might create if I use the wrong-version

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michael Marsh <michael.a.marsh@gmail.com>
Date: Dec 12, 2005 6:54 PM
Subject: orinoco wireless on sid
To: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org

Hi all.

Last week I upgraded my kernel to 2.4.27-12, from
kernel-image-2.4.27-2-686, and promptly lost my orinoco network driver
to an unresolved symbol:
root@localhost:~# modprobe orinoco
unresolved symbol ALIGN
insmod /lib/modules/2.4.27-2-686/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/orinoco.o
insmod orinoco failed

Consequently, I've been wireless-less (would that be "wire"?) for the
better part of a week.  Not life-threatening, to be certain, but
definitely inconvenient.

Is anybody else seeing this?  Alternatively, does anyone else have the
same configuration (sid, orinoco, 2.4.27-12 on 686) working correctly?
 I'm interested in corroboration, work-arounds, or a demonstration
that it's something particular to my own setup.

I filed a bug report pretty much immediately after the problem hit me
(bug #342503), but there's been no response from the kernel team
(including any indication that the report has been read).


Michael A. Marsh

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