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The mouse erratic problem in X on AMD64 Debian Sarge box

I recently installed Debian Sarge on my AMD64 system. It all works fine
until I start X (have tried startx and gdm). When I move the mouse, it
jumps erratically around the screen. I have googled and found this
problem, but the solutions I have found didn't work for me. One was the
use of a fifo called gpmdata and the other was simply stopping gpm. Is
there a website for figuring out:

1) which packages are required for X to work (preferably gnome)
2) how to make the mouse behave

It is a logitech wireless mouse which works fine in my Slackware
installation. I have also tried using xorg instead of xfree86. I tried to
use the same config file that works on my Slack system too.


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