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Re: [OT] good laptops

On 12/13/05, Rob Benton <rob.benton@conwaycorp.net> wrote:
> I was wondering what everyone's opinion was on a good quality laptop.  I
> bought a Dell desktop for my mom almost a year ago and it wasn't such a
> good deal.  So any place that takes trade-ins is a plus.  I'm not really
> worried about compatibility with Linux since she'll only be using
> Windows XP.

A strange question to be asking here then but I guess you're not on
any windows mailing lists. :) I got an acer travelmate 4102WLMi. Don't
buy that one, it sucks. The DSDT for acpi is completely screwed. That
they got it working with windows is a testament to windows' tolerance
towards crappy hardware. I had to load a fixed one into my kernel in
ubuntu. The battery life is good though. But when using windows on it
I noticed they throttle the processor pretty agressively (you can
change these settings though) which caused the whole "desktop
experience" to slow down to a crawl.

When I was looking for a laptop everybody told me IBM was the way to
go but they're kinda hard to get around here (and expensive). They're
sold by Lenovo now but I don't think that has much bearing on their
quality. I'm pretty sure the thinkpads are pretty good, if you can get


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