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Re: start-stop-daemon.... for the love of GOD! Why?

On 12/12/05, Andrew Cady <d@jerkface.net> wrote:
> You could try putting a sulogin immediately before the mythbackend
> script in your runlevel then running mythbackend manually.  If it works
> you've ruled out ordering and should check for environment problems by
> stopping mythbackend, putting it last in the runlevel and proceeding to
> boot; if that works you've ruled out environment and should investigate
> the race condition.
> A more direct approach may be to get mythbackend to tell you why it's
> failing.

I'm having similar problems to the original poster, but with a
different application.
Could you please clarify your way of debugging the subject.

I mean for the sulogin issue, what should be checked after executing
the command? In what state (that is relevant for debugging) the system
should be now, is the environment kept when doing sulogin ?

Thank you.

Maxim Vexler (hq4ever).

Do u GNU ?

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