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scsi device naming / driver built in kernel 2.6.x


can someone please give me a hint/a pointer to docs
on how to solve the following problem:

A server has both an internal and an external raid controler
(scsi driver gdth and aic7xxx, respectively). Unfortunately
the external raid becomes /dev/sda, the internal raid becomes
/dev/sdb. When I boot with the external raid unplugged, the
the internal raid becomes /dev/sda.

I can swap the device names by altering the sequence of the
scsi module loading in the initrd. But I'd like to compile the
scsi drivers into the kernel, since all my other servers are
booting without an initrd, too.

Is there a way to accomplish this? If there is more than one way:
what's the state of the art? (I googled for some solutions that
involved devfs).

Thanks, Thomas

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