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Need basic help with KDE Wallet

I was confronted recently with a request for the password of my KDE Wallet.
I didn't know I had one. I guessed my logon password for Debian, but that
didn't seem to work ("seem" because I had no idea why the request was made,
or by what module). I decided to try to undersand, but I am confused.

The KDE documentation describes a "KWallet Manager", but that offers instructions
which I cannot follow without some help. For example, under heading
"The KWallet Manager Context Menu", the first line is:

Right clicking on a wallet offers the following functions:

This seems to inply that a wallet is represented by a visible icon, but I
can't find one to right-click on. What am I missing?

The KDE control center tells me that there already exists a wallet named
"kdewallet" and gives me an opportunity to create a new wallet. But it
does not seem to give me access to this wallet. How do I learn the contents
of a wallet? Again, I think there must be an icon somewhere, but I can't
find it.

The KDE Wallet Manager seems to have the file name kwallet. I can find this
in the settings menu, but clicking on it doesn't seem to start anything.
Or maybe it starts and aborts too quickly for me to see. How do I start
KWallet Manager independent of a specific wallet? Is this a meaningful
question within the KDE conceptual universe?

If it is very obvious, please be gentle.
Paul E Condon           

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