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Re: question about /etc/fstab

Le Samedi 10 Décembre 2005 11:49, maha jun a écrit :
>       respected sir,
>        i want to know a answer of these question.pls send me a answer to
> these question.
>   -1) Each entry in the /etc/fstab is made of the same fields. Explain each
> of the fields. - 2)When is this file read?
>   - 3)How would you specify that a particular file system should be mounted
> at boot time? - 4)Why wouldn?t you include information about your SAMBA
> home drive in the /etc/fstab file so that it is mounted at boot time?
> (think about what pieces of information you must provide in order to
> connect to your home drive)
>   bye,
>   NHM

First of all, you should just begin by reading man pages i think...
man fstab

Concerning Samba, you can put the samba drives into fstab, but you'll need to 
install smbfs (and the man smbfs)
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