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Mondorescue - gzip errors

Hi all,

I haven't yet found any other reports regarding this problem.

I'm using Debian 3.1 (all packages unaltered off the standard release)

Kernel 2.4.27-10
Mondo 2.04-4

I'm backing up on to an HP dat tape drive with an Adaptec 2940 scsi.

The Mondo Archive seems to work fine and the backup compared without any problems. The rescue cd was created without any problems or errors. I was testing out Mondo rescue without any alterations to the hardware.

The Mondo rescue cd boots fine. If I select interactive and restore, I get 'gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file' errors on all the filesets.

The restore "seems" to work - I haven't found anything wrong yet.

Anyone any ideas please?

Thanks very much


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