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Re: Gdesklets Doesn't Connect to Daemon

Hi Mike,

I had the same problem. Its seems that this is a python bug because the
gdesklets daemon is always crashing with segmentation fault.


I have successfully put gdesklets to work again by doing an upgrade of
the following packages from sid:

python2.4 python2.4-gtk2 python2.4-gnome2 python2.4-xml gdesklets


Jorge Custódio

On Wed, 2005-11-23 at 18:17 -0500, Mike Ward wrote:
> I was looking at the gdesklets package, and it looked interesting
> enough for me to apt-get it to try it and see how it was. Problem is
> when I do a "gdesklets start", it times out while trying to connect to
> the daemon. 
> I found an old FAQ page on it (page didn't even exist anymore, only
> the google cache), which said that the gdesklets-daemon file probably
> didn't have execute permissions. I looked for this file in /usr/bin/,
> the same place as 'gdesklets', but it wasn't there. I noticed that
> gdesklets itself was a softlink to /usr/lib/gdesklets/gdesklets so I
> looked there and indeed found the gdesklets-daemon file. Just to see
> if it'd help, I created a similar link (gdesklets-daemon in /usr/bin,
> linking to /usr/lib/gdesklets/gdesklets/gdesklets-daemon). It doesn't
> seem to make a difference. 
> I checked the log file in ~/.gdesklets/logs, but it's essentially
> empty, containing only the following line:
> Log messages of /home/mike/.gdesklets/logs/gdesklets%3A0.0.log
> Has anyone else, by chance, had this problem? I've never used the
> program before so I'm a little unsure of where to work, since I didn't
> get a change to break it myself yet :) 
> Thanks in advance! 
> -Mike
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