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Re: Synching deeply nested directories Debian Server - Win XP

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005 02:00:44 +0100, "Debian Users"
<debian-user@lists.debian.org> said:
> Now for the interesting thing: our network does not allow SMB access from 
> outside (its the universiy's policy, I cannot change that): SMB ports are 
> blocked. I still would like to synchronize the data on e.g. my laptop and 
> the files on the server once in a while, even if not inside the server's 
> network. Since I cannot easily convince XP to use other ports for SMB 
> sharing (thumbs down for MS), I have to find other ways. For that end I 
> tried "unison" via ssh (available on Windows and Debian), but had to give 
> up because of the "long path name bug" in unison (or probably in OCAML).

Im surprised that unison would die on long file names.  The unison
say they still bug fix support unison, have you reported the problems to 

  Britton Kerin

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