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Re: *nix cert

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, arden wrote:

> I know I can do it been using linux at home for years no windoze boxes here, need to prove it to closed minded Managers 

most hiring and managing managers knows .. "what you do at home" has
nothing to do with "how you do stuff at work"

there's a lot more to it .. say 10x more stuff to do at work
for the same task of swapping out say the dead disk drive

	- policies, proceedures, prototcol, purchasing, accounting, etc,

	- more importantly.. documentation ... cover your butt with
	hopefully your boss covering for you .. otherwise you'd be
	standing naked and alone in front of the boss's bosses

corp sysadmin is way way different than admining at home ...
	- if someone came to me and said they do this stuff at home,
	i'd probably start ending the interview ( it's a big red flag )

	- maybe, i'd put a broken machine in front of them, and say 
	"here fix it in 3 minutes" and you got a job
	( fix the hw or fix the kernel or fix the app or fix whatever 
	  it is you say on your resume you "can fix" )

ie .. don't say you do stuff at home, even if you do .. everybody knows
that, been there, done that .. ( usually had bad experiences with 
folks that only did stuff at home vs doing sys admin for a 24x7 living )

	what corp folks want to hear is you know about corp world
	policies and proceedures because if you/somebody doesn't
	tell somebody else the firewall will go offline at 12:00-1:00
	and everybody will be disconnected, they all want to know
	ahead of time..preferably days ahead of time 

	( scheduled maintenance and preventative and all that stuff )

	- most people do not have a 2nd hot spare either so if
	you do change things and it breaks... your hot spare will be
	helpful to "get your ass out of jail" 

	- lots of planning/what if's ... to do the simplest tasks

either way .. having a cert will not help you with corp world admin'ing
depending on who the hiring manager is 
	- 5 yrs or 10yrs or 20 yrs of "doing it" will help :-)

"security clearances" is a whole other ball game ... that will be
semi-required to get the job
	- go after that ... it doesn't cost as much as "certs"

fun stuff ... with or without certs

c ya

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