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Re: *nix cert

On Thu, 8 Dec 2005, arden wrote:

> Slightly off topic sorry 
> but Im trying to brake out of my hardware suppport role and into a more sys admin role 
> My company will not support this so im doing this off my own back 
> What cert would people recomend to do at home ? (This my own money here so cant afford corporate rates)  
> I have a small home network running x86 machines So Aix is out unless can find a p-series box cheap 

take apart your machines ... and put it back together
	- buy/get/beg for spare sparts from everybody that is
	throwing out their old junk and make it work ..

when you see people post problems in mailing lists, that xxx doesn't work
.. see if you can make it work on your boxes

certs are meaningless in most cases, but experiences in
being to fix problems far outweigh any cert and PhD

if you can't fix "the problem", having a cert that says you're
a level-5 sage sys admin expert won't help you

"the problem" is the one that your boss cares about
that helped him get all the other monkeys off his back too

but some folks won't give you the time of day unless oyu
do have a cert... ( seems odd to me, that it's in their requirements 
for qualifications, and at the same time lists 5-10 yrs exp
and BS or MS preferred )

	but if you have a BS/MS/PhD, you're over qualified to 
	be doing "sys admin" but you will do that in either case
	whether you want to or not ...

	why people treat sys admin so badly, i donno ..
	esp when it is the sysamdin who they turn to when the computer

- get a 4yr college degree ... 
	$1200 for certs or a year of college tuition(?)

c ya

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