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Re: Synching deeply nested directories Debian Server - Win XP

On 08/12/05, Debian Users <debian-user@lists.debian.org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am using a Win XP feature called "Offline Files", which is basically
> like having a replica of files which are orginally on a network drive and
> letting XP decide whether to work on the local replica or the actual
> network files. The user doesn't notice the difference. After reconnecting
> to the server, the files are synchronized automatically using built-in XP
> software. Actually, this works fantastically stable (thumbs up for MS in
> this case). The network version of the files are living on a Debian
> server, accessed from several XP machines via SMB shares.
> Now for the interesting thing: our network does not allow SMB access from
> outside (its the universiy's policy, I cannot change that): SMB ports are
> blocked. I still would like to synchronize the data on e.g. my laptop and
> the files on the server once in a while, even if not inside the server's
> network. Since I cannot easily convince XP to use other ports for SMB
> sharing (thumbs down for MS), I have to find other ways. For that end I
> tried "unison" via ssh (available on Windows and Debian), but had to give
> up because of the "long path name bug" in unison (or probably in OCAML).
> Are there any other otions I could try? It seems that ssh is really the
> only access to the server, so which options remain? Would setting up a VPN
> help? Would I need admin power over the server's network for this to work
> (which I have not)? I could also boot the remote box (e.g. my laptop) into
> Debian, and synch from there if that would help.

Does windows have rsync?
You need:

* ssh access to the remote box
* an rsync binary (not a server) on the remote and local hosts
* enough privilege on the remote host to see the files you want


rsync -vaz user@remotehost:/remote/path/ /local/path/
<enter user@remotehosts ssh password when prompted>

It's not much faster than scp the first time you run it, but after that it's
much much faster.

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