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Re: Slightly OT: Comments, ideas, or suggestions for improving websites

On Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Mark Crean wrote:

> The OP's post was sincere and his questions worthwhile. His site is also 
> new and so not yet fully worked out, so far as I can tell. I think he 
> deserves more than you appear able to give.

yes .. always give credit to those willing to put in time
and effort into free documentation and other relevant info ...
	- and if they are looking for helpers, one could step in
	and help fix the problems they're having

what someone doesn't like may be what others do like ..
	- choice is good 
	- too many choices is bad

those that put in the initial time to setup a quickie ( the ez part ) may 
quickly die out since it's a lot of work  or stay for the duration ..  a
yr, or 5 yr or more depending on their goals/aspirations ..

c ya

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