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apt-get only works half-way

I have recently put together a Sarge/Stable box that seems to be having a problem with Apt-Get. 
When I first set it up, everything seemed to work fine, and I successfully used apt-get to install numerous packages (postfix, clamav, spamassassin, apache2, etc.)  However now, anything I have attempted to add has not "fully" worked (php4-gd, libphp-jpgraph, webmin, etc). 
I say that it has not worked "fully" because it does install all of the files, but it seems to skip the configuration step.  For example, when installing php4-gd it installed all of the files, but failed to change my php.ini files to include the support for GD.  I suspect this same thing has happened with the other packages I have attempted to install, however I have failed to locate/fix the problem with these packages in order to know for sure.

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