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Re: What's your favourite FLOSS?

Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:

There has been an interesting number of responses on this thread. I
like it because it helps me explore some other FLOSS (or not so FLO)
out there which I might otherwise find superior to my own favourites.
I would just like to post stats on what the respoding population likes
(in brackets we find the number of votes):

text editor:
* gedit (6)
* vi (5)
* kate (4)
* gvim (3), gxedit (3),
* nano (2), vim (2), Emacs (2)
* anjuta, FTE, mousepad, OpenOffice.org

18 votes: gimp
17 votes: mozilla-firefox
11 votes: k3b
09 votes: gthumb, Thunderbird
07 votes: aptitude, gnome-terminal, mplayer, audacity

I think (g)vi(m) should have made the list with 10 votes , as, at least in Debian vi and vim refer to the same thing, and gvim is still mostly just vim.



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