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RE: WIFI Card DWL-G510 (Atheros chipset) installation problems

Yes, I'm running stable

However, I just issued 
Apt-get -u dist-upgrade install testing 
And I am in the process of "upgrading" to testing. I did this because I
needed to upgrade libc6 to 2.5.8 for madwifi-tools and because I got
confused by the hand rolling of madwifi using tarballs. 

Once it's back up and running, if I haven't broken my system, I hope to
be able to get my DWL-G510 working using the debian packages. 

Will the Debian packages from testing work or does anyone have suspicion
that I'll still need to get the madwifi snapshots and roll my own?



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On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 11:12:50PM -0200, Marcello Di Marino Azevedo
> Andy, are you using testing or unstable right?
Sorry, should have said. This is using unstable - which in this instance
Just Works. if you use module assistant 


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