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Re: No kmail in sid?

Alexandru Cabuz wrote:

> Hello,
> I just did a dist-upgrade to sid and noticed that
> kmail is absent and refuses to install.
> evolution can read email but refuses to send saying
> RCPT TO <alexcabuz@gmail.com> failed: Transaction failed.
> The address is my own, and I know it works, because I am sending email
> from it right now.
> there are some problems running openoffice 2 also but that's another
> thread.
> --
> Alexandru Cabuz
> Doctoral Student
> Université Montpellier II
> France
> Tel: +33 (0)
Sid is in the midst of a giant renovation.  Here's what I
get after apt-get dist-upgrade:

The following packages will be REMOVED:
  akregator digikam kaddressbook kaffeine kaffeine-gstreamer
  kaffeine-xine kalarm kandy kdelibs4c2 kdepim-kfile-plugins
  kdepim-kio-plugins kdevelop3 kdevelop3-data kdevelop3-dev
  kdevelop3-plugins kfilereplace kio-apt klinkstatus KMAIL <<<<
  kmailcvt knode knotes kommander konq-plugins kontact korganizer
  korn kpilot krusader ksync ktnef libarts1c2 libcvsservice0
  libid3-3.8.3c2 libkcal2b libkdepim1a libkexif1c2 libkipi0c2
  libkleopatra0a libkmime2 libkpimexchange1 libkpimidentities1
  libksieve0 libktnef1 libmimelib1c2 libmusicbrainz4c2
  libopenexr2c2 libtag1c2 libtunepimp2c2 smb4k

... followed by many-many updated packages, including OOo.

I hope you have a recent backup!


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