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Re: reply to list (mailing list) in thunderbird?

On Sun, Dec 04, 2005 at 02:03:45PM -0700, Scott wrote:
> Micha Feigin wrote:
> > Is it possible with mozilla thunderbird to do reply to list like some other
> > mailing list friendly email clients can do (such as sylpheed-claws).
> > 
> I'm a Thunderbird user and I only have this problem on a few lists.  The
>  Debian lists are among those.
> All the lists running on GNU Mailman (I'm surprised Debian doesn't use
> this, GNU-lovers that they are) include a "Reply-To": header with the
> mailing list address.  So in Thunderbird when you simply "reply" it goes
> to the list.  If you "Reply to All" it goes to the list and anyone else
> in the from/to/cc headers.
> On the Debian lists, it's the exact opposite.

Please read this: http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html

Personally, I think that the Thunderbird authors should get off their
butts and fix it.  That, along with the fact that it needs a 3rd party
plugin to get GPG support, is the reason I finally switched away.  Don't
get me wrong, it is a good program, but it has some warts.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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