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Re: remote desktop and VPN

Bob Hynes wrote:

> Hello, does anyone have a recommendation as far as a good VPN client
> goes? My plan is to use a VPN to connect to work, then a Windows-like
> remote desktop client to do a remote control. 
> I do this with XP already, just curious if anyone has done this with
> Debian.

Not knowing a lot about your particular setup or vpn requirements...
We did this with openvpn which is a debian package.  We installed
openvpn on the "other end point" lets say the work endpoint.  That
could be on a windows or linux or bsd box.  Then on the roaming laptop
we installed openvpn.  We setup ssl certificates and then installed
something like tightvnc on both and the vnc traversed the locked
down/secure tunnel.  This has a lot of other advantages that can take
you to new places but for remote administration, we found nothing
better yet for a whole group of small business clients we work with
here and there.

Once the vpn software is placed in both places, you can remotely
administer things like printers, reach other systems, and also do a lot
of routine administration.

The dependency is to have openvpn installed and configured correctly on
both ends.  That being said, openvpn is probably the easiest to use vpn
solution I have found yet.  At its simplest, using pre-shared static
keys is a breeze and there are clients/servers for all the platforms
including on windows from 2000 on up.

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