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Re: thunderbird

Michael Marsh wrote:
On 12/3/05, Hugo Vanwoerkom <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:

Well, setting x-www-browser to mozilla,
Getting about.config and editing the two values to mozilla
Clicking on a URL does zip...

Are you running Gnome or KDE?  If so, TB might be passing off the
request to the desktop environment instead of using the value you
specified.  I'm running Fvwm, so I don't have experience in getting
this behavior to work in a "better" windowing environment.  I remember
I found the solution that worked for me through googling.  I believe
there were Gnome/KDE instructions provided as well.  Try

Thanks a lot Michael!
This one did the trick finally:

But I had to change the script openlink.sh so it would open the URL in a new tab:


export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME="/usr/local/moz1.7.12"

if [ ! "$url" ]; then
url="about :blank"

if $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/mozilla-xremote-client openURL\("$url",new-tab\); then
exit 0

$MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME/mozilla "$url"

exit 0

To sum up, what I did:

1. Install the about:config extension.
2. Modify network.protocol-handler.app.ftp, network.protocol-handler.app.http, and network.protocol-handler.app.https to point to a script in my ~/.mozilla-thunderbird called openlink.sh


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