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Re: thunderbird

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

> Hi,
> After years of building my own mozilla-suit, what got to me is that
> its mail-news component will not search messages.
> So I apt-get installed mozilla-thunderbird on Sarge.
> It does search messages and is faster too.
> But one thing I miss: clicking on a URL and have it opened in mozilla.
> Now you have to copy link address and go to mozilla yourself and paste
> it.
> Ot am I wrong?

Clicking on links works for me, but I don't recall exactly how I got it
to work.

I think it was either by messing with /etc/alternatives, or by firing up
Gnome in order to run it's control panel thingy to set the default mail
client (seems Thunderbird honors Gnome's control panel but not KDE's, or
something odd like that -- I just don't recall the details -- sorry).


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