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testing/unstable - e100 NIC "disabled in configuration" message

Newbie question:

After upgrading from stable to testing on an old Sony laptop, bootlog give the following mesage regarding the e100 network card:

Fri Dec  2 19:40:12 2005: Detecting hardware...Discovered hardware for
these modules:  agpgart  yenta_socket  e100  piix  ymfpci  usb-uhci
Fri Dec  2 19:40:14 2005: Loading agpgart module...
Fri Dec  2 19:40:14 2005: Loading yenta_socket module...
Fri Dec  2 19:40:15 2005: ^[[33m*^[[39;49m e100 disabled in configuration.

After booting, I have no network access.  If I run "modprobe e100" and " ifup -a", the card comes up fine and works as before.

Can someone tell me where to look in the configuration files for the the e100 being disabled??



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