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Re: Ati x800pro video card with x-windows on amd64

Although not on x64, I'm using the following combination, which gives me accelerated X on this card:
apt-get install -t unstable linux-image-2.6.14-2-686 # You will need at least kernel 2.6.14
apt-get install -t experimental xserver-xorg # For experimental packages of X.org 6.9
apt-get install -t unstable libgl1-mesa-dri # For the radeon DRI driver
Select the radeon driver in the xorg.conf and modprobe agpgart, intel-agp (or amd-agp or something appropiate) and radeon. That should do the trick...
Good luck,
On 12/2/05, Tom Moore <tom@tomstroubleshooting.com> wrote:
Hi guys.
Just installed a friend's machine today and tried to get x to see his video
What do I need to do to getthe card to work peroperly?


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