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Re: PCMCIA USB cards under linux?

On Thursday 01 December 2005 13:29, Martin Fluch wrote:
> Hi!
> >From my search sofar the result doesn't look promissing. But is there
> any PCMCIA USB 2.0 card which works under Linux. My IBM T30 has only
> an USB 1.1 port and it would be nice to a USB 2.0 adapter to transfer
> faster data between my T30 and my iPod.
> Can anybody maybe proove my observation wrong? Maybe? ;-)
> With best wishes,
> - Martin

Hi Martin,

This thread would seem to indicate your search will not be in vain.  

However, note that if you're looking for a manufacturer to expressly state 
they are Linux compatible, you're a few years too early.  Still, with the 
return policy clarified beforehand, you should be able to get something 
that will work.

Also, check pricewatch.com for a list of cards.  There's quite a lot to 
choose from, and though I didn't look at all of the cards, of the ones I 
did, none of them said Linux compatible.  It doesn't mean they aren't, just 
that it isn't guaranteed.

Good luck,

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