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Re: [Familiar] Pitfalls

Hi all,
my bad, this was intended for the familiar list. I am Multitasking too much here :)

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Sent: Thursday, December 01, 2005 3:56 PM
Subject: Re: [Familiar] Pitfalls

I just got an Ipaq bought on Ebay. I thought it would be an Ipaq H5500
since that is what was listed but when I checked the Model ID of the device
it says hp Ipaq h5555. As you can guess this is very unfamiliar (Pun
intended) territory for me. Is there any major difference between following
the instruction to install familiar on the handheld.org website for h5400
and for h5555. I am currently reading the website but any input from someone
who has done it before would be highly appreciated. By the way thanks for
the info Eric. I will definitly upgrade any drivers for the hardware and
double check on the WPA thingy. Thanks

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Subject: Re: [Familiar] Pitfalls

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 10:39:39AM -0500, Amish Rughoonundon wrote:
I will soon be getting an Ipaq H5500 with the idea of installing familiar on it and messing around with the wifi module. I was wondering if anybody
had done this previously and may have some insight into the possible
pitfalls I should look into. Thanks in advance,

This list and the h5400-port list are full of threads regarding this

The wiki page on this port is accurate:

Before flashing linux, make sure you get the latest atmel firmware
installed for the wireless device. Note that there are two firmware
blobs. One is for those who do not need WPA and the other is for
those who do. If you don't need WPA now, I strongly suggest using the
non-WPA firmware. hp says it may cause problems for none WPA networks
and another poster has reported that it had breakage for him.

Just so it is said, familiar 0.8.2 does not support WPA for that
wireless device. It isn't familiar's issue, but the driver in familiar
for that device. The same poster who reported the firmware breakage is
also trying to sort out the WPA issue. You could make friends by helping
him sort that out.


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