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Re: screen blanking

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

On both my monitors the screen blanks when you do not use it for a time.

Anybody has an idea who is in charge of this? I don't have a screen saver. Just plain XFree86 under Sarge with the Nvidia closed source driver.

I would like to disable it in some cases.

Thanks Folks for the answers!

The best I get disabling dpms is 20 minutes with either:
Option          "BlankTime"  "3600"
in "ServerLayout"

or -s 3600 in the start options for the server.

Raising this to 7200 has no effect: 20 minutes is all she gets...

Problem is that the log acknowledges dpms as an option but does not
record its behavior.

This is with Sarge's XFree86.

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