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Wordpress installations on a single machine


I was wondering if anybody had some experience on installing wordpress
blogging software on a debian machine ?
configuring one wordpress setup through apt-get install is easy

but - from reading the docs and readme.debian, I noticed there is a
specific way on debian the package is maintained
from what I can deduce - it is possible to install multiple blogs at
once in the debian configuration - since it uses a domain specific
config file for each separate blog
all the essential files making up the wordpress install are thereby
isolated in /usr/share/wordpress, ideal for updating in one location by
the apt repositories on a next apt-get update

is there any way to host multiple blogs through apt-get install on
debian, on one domain ?

fi. http://domain.com/blog1, http://domain.com/blog2
without copying the wordpress files to each blog1 and blog2 directory ?

I mean - copying is a last resort, since that would mean reinstalling
and fixing breakups every time a new version comes out

I also thought of making symlinks in each blog directory, to every file
in question - but I'm not completely sure that's the proper debian way

if somebody has experience with this - please enlighten me :-)

thanks already,


Frank Guthorel
M: frank@codedor.be
G: +32 0495 105 776

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