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Re: promise supertrak sx6000 crashes XFree86

pascal wrote:
> What kind of card do you recommend?

adaptec aar 2400 or 3ware escalade.

> I bought this card to have a raid5 array to circumvent a software raid
> which would put to much  strain on my system pcu.
> Performance as in writethrough I'm not really after. I want a big disc
> with redundancy.

then don't use the sx6, its crap. slow and horrible stupid driver.
however, it's end of life anyway: promise decided not to longer produce
the card (no, its not because it's an ata controller in a sata world,
it's because the card is crap).

> software raid is much more faster on it. using
> this card, you should always use softraid on it. its faster and more
> flexible.
> How do you imply this, does this put strain on my system processor or the one on the card? And how more flexible?

the main cpu of a normal computer is faster than the i960 epu that is
used on the card. unfortunately, they even used the oldest and slowest
model of i960.

softraid is especially here with sx6k more flexible: the sx6k driver
from promise.com does not inform you about a disk failure. if a disk
fails, you need to be locally arround to hear the beeping of the
controller and replace it asap.

softraid is in generally much more flexible than every hardware solution
in this range: you are driver, kernel version, card and disk
independant, you can change all those things without loosing data and,
in most cases without forced to repropagating the array. additionally,
you can hang additional disk of a second controller into the very same
array, in future.

and, softraid is always faster than hardwareraid if you use it on a
dedicated fileserver which has not much other things todo.

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