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Re: Installing an SVN repository -- permissions, and general tactics?

On 23/11/05, Tom <tom@abwaerts.be> wrote:

> About to set things up, and after reading the SVN book, I'm left with
> some questions still. The book itself barely mentions permissions, and
> when it does (at the end of chapter 6), it suggests I create a new group
> (called "svn"), and add those users to it that will need to access the
> repository. In this case, that'd be myself (I'd prefer using file:///
> URLs) and www-data (since Debian provides libapache2-svn, it'd be a
> shame not to make use of it). I'd also have to wrap the svn binary in a
> script changing the umask to 002. For the same reason, I'd have to
> modify apachectl.

If you're using apache, then don't go for file:/// urls in your repo.
Especially if there's any chance you're going to want to reach this remotely.

 Just access it via http(s) and have www-data own the repo.

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