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 I am quite new of Linux and I experienced a problem in installing it.
I purchased the 2 DVDs Debian 3.1r0a.
I intended to install Linux on my Compaq Evo N1020v  on an external USB 2.5" HD and I followed the following procedure:
I have formatted 40Gb out of 80 Gb available to leave space for Linux.
I  set CD booting and restarted the PC with the CD in.
Debian starts but at the first screen asking for selecting the language, it stucks and there is no way to go ahead.
My questions are:
1) how to overcome the problem of installation
2) is it possible to have a Linux partition on an external HD and how I can boot from it?
Giancarlo Carrai
SVALTEC srl. - Firenze
voice: +390556236003

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