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Re: A few general questions from a Debian newbie

> HOW can a newbie come to TESTING or UNSTABLE?

I did. Testing, specifically, and ran into all the trouble one would 

> A newbie which come to "our" website, WILL download STABLE.

False. There are more examples than just I. Unless, of course, by 
"our" you mean some other web site than Debian.org.

> A newbie who downloads TESTING or UNSTABLE was following directions
> by other people WHICH KNOW how to use it.

False again. I came to Debian having never used Linux before, nor 
knowing any more than "Hey, check out this Linux thing" from one 
coworker. My decision was based entirely on reading the Debian web 
page, which has not changed substantially in structure since then.

> I have never recommended to newbies downloading TESTING or UNSTABLE
> because I am aware of the problems...

Which is exactly what I was informed of when I, having problems with 
Testing, started asking questions in the Debian-user forum.

> Greetings
> Michelle


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