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Re: Request to remove Information

Hi Seth,

Am 2005-11-14 18:45:23, schrieb Seth Goodman:

> One mid-sized electronics company I worked for got a new CEO who was an
> accountant from the construction industry.  He had no concept of what
> the technical staff did nor what we contributed.  It really bothered him
> that engineering managers and many engineers had private offices with
> windows that looked out over the beautifully landscaped corporate
> campus.  We felt the working environment was a significant bonus that
> kept many of us loyal to the company.  The CEO felt this was a wrong
> that he had to correct.  He then spent USD$1.5M to buy cubicle furniture
> and moved the engineering staff to interior space in the plant.  Because
> the company had no further use for the offices with windows, they were
> filled with cardboard boxes and used for storage.  I don't have to tell
> you how this affected morale.

In France we have the same BS, but in Germany it is contrary,
because the enterprises do something to satisfait the employes.

The enterprises try to hold them.

It seems, you live in the false country.


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