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Re: Imap

> > > Do other mail clients work properly? Or does everyone receive the same
> > > error?
> >
> > I only have one account at the moment.  Would it be wise to install pop3
> and
> > see if couier pop works, so I could identify if there is a problem with
> the
> > application or would this be a wast of time?
> Waste of time.
> And you did not answer the question: Do the other mail clients (mutt,
> evolution etc. etc.) get the same error mesage?
> Michel.
> No mail client installed on the server
1) AFAIK mutt is installed with base-system: try it. 
(using imap://localhost  as mailbox)

2) Trying again: Did you use any other mail-client (besides M$Outlook)?


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