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Re: Is Debian ready for the desktop?

On Thu, Nov 10, 2005 at 10:29:44AM +0000, Ueli Meier wrote:
> Thanks for the answers.
> >I use debian for all of the above, and I wouldn't switch to >anything
> else. I 
> >used to use Mandrake also. Yes, you can read dos >FAT,FAT32,NTFS,HPFS
> and many 
> > others.
> What where your reasons to switch to debian?
When I used Mandrake, I was unaware of anything GNU/Linux. I first
started using Rad Hat and Mandrake because they were easy to get going
on my hardware where debian and others I couldn't get x running. That
is most likey a user error. :) I had no idea what to do in a case like
that. I did run debian woody for a long time without any desktop, I
am quite happy most of the time at the console anyway. Now adays debian
isn't much different, it identifies and uses my hardware the same as
Mandrake. The crew at Mandrake are relentless developers, I don't fault
them in any way. I don't much care for their new name though.

I use debian now because of their social contract, not to mention the
HUGE archive of just about anything you could imagine being right there
on your CDs or DVDs (better get DVDs these days ;)).

> >debian is brilliant for everything, but, unlike ubuntu or suse or
> >mandriva, it is not tuned to be a desktop. this of course gives >youa
> great deal of flexibility.
> >Could you explain more?
> >What does it mean Debian is not tuned for the desktop, more work to
> >install? Or is there more to it?

Everthing works on Mandrakes desktop, even the little icons appear
when you plug in a memory stick. That doesn't happen with debian (it
does if you use the gnome desktop) at least not with KDE. It's something
you would need to setup yourself if you want it. That could be as easy
as installing xxx package, but I don't know and haven't been bothered
enough by it to go looking myself.. ;)

> What is more flexibility, can I install less pakages than with other
> desktops and save harddisk space and memory?

Absolutely, I once did a clean install without gnome or KDE, installed
Krusader and that installed what it needed of KDE and nothing more.
I found that a little lean myself, so I just install KDE and Gnome
in dselect, the works!

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