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Re: please help -- debian crontab and at problem

Thank you so much Roberto.

Is there any Bittorrent client I can use at Contab or at (which
doesn't run in Xsession) ? Just a program similiar as wget but using
BitTorrent protocol.

I need to download at 2am, at that time, I won't get up from the bed.

thank again.


> >
> Since azureues has to run in an Xsession, you can't run it from the
> crontab or at.  The reason is that All x clients require that the
> DISPLAY variable be set in the environment.  Since this is not set
> unless you log in to an actual Xsession (or you use ssh with port
> forwarding, or some other such arrangement), running it from cron or at
> is probably not possible.
> Once possible solution is start up a "dummy" display and then let your
> cron job display to that one, either by allowing anyone to display to
> the "dummy" display or by setting up the magic cookie, or whatever other
> mechanism you choose.
> -Roberto

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