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Remote X login

I'm surprised not to find a terse HOWTO on this, so point me toward one, 
if it exists. (The XDMCP HOWTO is not Debian friendly, nor particularly 

I can ssh between machines, but I would also like to be able to use X; 
KDE, in my case. I first attempted this via XDMCP (X Display Manager 
Control Protocol, in case you're unaware of its snappy title).

On the host, I set /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc

and in /etc/kde3/kdm/Xaccess, I have 

* # any host can get a login window
* CHOOSER BROADCAST # any indirect host can get a chooser

(the notes in this file are less than precise, imo, so consider this 
google-random hacking).

When I create a new session on the client - which is using KDM - and 
select "Remote Login" (Alt+R), the host appears in the chooser. When I 
select the host and "accept" it, the screen flashes a few times, clearly 
attempting some form of Xy communication, but then returns to the local 
KDM prompt.

On the client, the following error appears in /var/log/kdm.log:

Fatal server error:
XDMCP fatal error: Session declined No valid address

Which ain't very helpful.

Presumably I've missed a step or two in the setup, so I'd appreciate any 


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