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Re: Stock vs. Debian kernel sources

On søndag 30 oktober 2005, 06:52, John O'Hagan wrote:
> What do I need to be aware of if I use stock sources?

I think I remember somewhere around when 2.6 released that Linus said 
something about him not seeing it as his role to provide end-user 
kernels. That's for distributors to do. I haven't been following the 
developments since but since then, and since not needing very 
specialized patches anymore, I've built my own kernels, but built them 
on kernel-source packages rather than kernel.org releases.

If you like being on the edge, you may be bitten. But OTOH, by being on 
the edge, you get the experience that's needed to provide stable 
kernels for the rest of us, so, by all means do it. I think it boils 
down to that, the issue is simply that unexpected things may happen, 
but if you are equipped to deal with it, you're making everyone a 


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