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Re: What's your favourite FLOSS?

On 10/29/05, Heimdall Midgard <heimdalle@gmail.com> wrote:
> 2005/10/30, Tshepang Lekhonkhobe <tshepang@gmail.com>:
> > This nautilus-cd-burner would have received my vote ahead of K3b if it
> > did not toast my CDs so many times and if it could do audio burning.
> > Also I would be glad if gnomebaker could do multisession for DVDs and
> > for me, this is the only feature that prevents me from rating it
> > highest since I love the GTK interface.
> You probably missed the most important FLOSS software for burning
> DVDs, dvd+rw-tools. Without dvd+rw-tools and cdrtools, k3b and
> gnomebaker are just eyecandies, pretty useless. There's also an
> unofficial DVD patch for cdrtools which AFAICT is unavailable as a
> binary package under Debian (though its availabe as an unapplied patch
> in the source package). Sadly, unlike the cdrtools (including the
> binary-only DVD-enabled vesion), dvd+rw-tools appears to be
> unmaintained upstream. There hasn't been an update to it in over a
> year:
> http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/

Tell me more about this patch... Does it make dvd+rw-tools unnecessary?

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