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Re: Disabling scripts in init.d *permanently*? apt-get dist-upgrade re-enables them! (did RTFM about update-rc.d)


Peter Valdemar Mørch wrote:
> # update-rc.d -f nessusd remove
> But then, two weeks down the road, a new version of nessus comes along,
> and after a dist-upgrade, the service is started automatically again,
> because the nessus package calls update-rc.d to have the nessusd daemon 
> start (as it should, I guess).
> How do I configure a service to *NEVER EVER START* automatically? So
> this choice survives a "apt-get dist-upgrade"?

Don't remove ALL links. Just leave one in some runlevel you choose

Then it won't be overwritten. Otherwise update-rc.d (ran in nessus'
postinst) thinks there weren't any before and adds it..

> Is the dpkg-divert "workable" or "dangerous"? Is it "the best" approach? 
> Pitfalls?  Do you know an approach that is better?

For this case? Dangerous.



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