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debian installer does not recognize uli sata controller

hy *,

i am refering to a post from july 2005 in debian-user ("Debian Installer
SATA detection").

i, too, have a shuttle st20g5 barebone which comes with a uli 1573 chipset
(which itself runs a uli 5287 sata controller). the website of uli provides
information about how to install the sata-controller (look for the driver
for the m1573 chipset): actually it boils down to compile the kernel with
the sata_uli driver, which is shipped with the kernel (since about 2.6.10).

the debian testing netinstall which i recently downloaded (kernel version
2.6.12 so it seems) is not able to recognize the sata controller => no
sata-drive => no hdd partitioning => no installation => :-(

even if i manually "modprobe sata_uli" the controller/hdd is not recognized.
the kernel logs ...

ata1: sata max udma/133 cmd 0xfd00 ctl 0xfc02 bmdma 0xf900 irq 209
ata2: sata max udma/133 cmd 0xfb00 ctl 0xfa02 bmdma 0xf908 irq 209
ata3: sata max udma/133 cmd 0xfd08 ctl 0xfc06 bmdma 0xf910 irq 209
ata4: sata max udma/133 cmd 0xfb08 ctl 0xfa06 bmdma 0xf918 irq 209
scsi0: sata_uli
ata2: no device found (phy stat 00000000)
scsi1: sata_uli
ata3: no device found (phy stat 00000000)
scsi2: sata_uli
ata4: no device found (phy stat 00000000)
scsi3: sata_uli

i have already tried the different startup options of the debian installer
that were mentioned in the original post (ie: expert, linux, ...) with no

i have even installed an additional (old) pata hdd, installed debian on that
and compiled a 2.6.14 kernel with the sata_uli module compiled directly in -
no success, kernel logs the same.

in comparision:
- knoppix 4.0.2, fedora 4, gentoo 2005.1: no installation success with
- windows 2000 *urgh*: sucess after loading the sata-drivers from the
driver-disk which was provided with the shuttle barebone. *err* for obvious
reasons windows is no option for me ;-)

the hdd is a samsung sp1213c. i also have tried different sata-cables which
made no difference.

any hints?


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