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Re: diagnosing wireless failure

gaah sorry!  not used to the tab commands on gmail.  reposted in a sep thread.


On 11/2/05, Matt Price <moptop99@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> very excited about my new wireless capabilities (using a d-link
> dwl-650+, acx100 drivers, works perfectly at home), and trying to get
> them to function on my university's wireless network.  I have been
> following instructions for the network as laid out in the various
> "generic instructions" pdf's here:
> http://www.utoronto.ca/ic/utordist/wireless/
> and from that have pieced together the following: stanza in
> /etc/network/interfaces:
> iface ut-wifi inet dhcp
> wireless=mode managed
> wireless-essid UTORwin
> wireless-key s:UToronto1home
> # added these two when I was having trouble, seems to make no
> difference at all...
> wireless-keymode open
> wireless_channel 1

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