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problem with ctrl+alt+f7

i have a serious problem when trying to switch form a console to x
with ctrl+alt+f7(or alt+f7).
when i do this, my computer stops responding and the only solution is
the reset button

i use debian sarge 3.1 with kde 3.4.1(same problem with default kde),
and kernel 2.6.12(same problem with 2.6.8)
my graphics card is an ati radeon 9600 pro and i 've installed the
driver from: xoomer.virgilio.it/flavio.stanchina/

a strange "solution" to my problem is :
/etc/init.d/kdm stop and then start. then my problem dissappears.(same with xdm)
i uninsrtalled xdm and kdm and logged with startx, and i had the same problem.
i have to mention that all the above happen after installing the fglrx driver.
i've searched the whole net and i discovered that maybe i m the only
debian user these days having this problem.

any ideas??
(sorry for the bad english-)

michalis from greece

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