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Re: mailserver absolute noob question

Mitch Wiedemann wrote:

Thomas wrote:

Hi there.

I would like to setup a mailserver on my debian machine that can
receive email from any host and that can be accessed by imap or pop3
(imap would be nice). I have seen some howtos on the net but they
seemed way too complicated. The howtos i saw included spamfilters,
anitivr software and page after page of config file hacking.

What i am really looking for is a simple mailserver that i can install
by apt-get something and then configure by a gui/web interface (if
necessary at all). Then connect to it with my thunderbird and lets go.

So far, exim4 was installed on my sarge by default, although i dont
know what that means.
If i startup mutt with any user, it says 'no mailbox'.
This didnt ever disturb me, but now i should think of what that means...

Thanks for hints,


I wrote the following howto:

It includes a very basic setup of Postfix (SMTP), Dovecot (pop and
Imap), and Squirrelmail (Web e-mail).

Good luck.

The howto looks very good to me, i will go for this.
Thanks a lot,


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