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Re: Installation

Rafi Gabzu wrote:

I'm quite new in Linux, I currently have the Mandriva distribution. Questions: 1. Do you recommend Debian although I'm not going to work as a server and I'm new in Linux?

I´d recommend, yes. My home desktop is a debian computer, very complete, very enjoyable.

2. Is the installation process is by command lines , not graphics ? If not graphic , is it complex/requires lot of time ?

The install process isn´t graphic, but its lots easier today than is was before. You can´t use your mouse, but you can hit enter, tab and arrows to move forward and choose options. Defaults exist, so you can choose them if you don´t know what to do. Don´t let yourself be turned off by that. Its only one step, one time. After install, all you get is quite nice.

3. Is there snap shots on the Debian  desktop ?

You mean, snapshots of the graphical windows? Yes.


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