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Re: Problems handling 1 GB RAM

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Bruno Buys wrote:

Muhammed Halawah wrote:

Hello debianists,

I am facing a problem after installing 1GB RAM on my laptop.
the symptoms are:-

1-clear instability with firefox (1.0.6-5) while browsing.I have tried the
stable version (1.0.4-1) of it but that did not make difference.
2-gkrellm crashes when switching from one disktop to another (using pager)

more info:
the entire ram is recognized by the BIOS and the kernel. I am using Debian
testing. I have tried with a kernel compiled by me (2.6.11), but no
difference. Also with a Debian kernel (2.6.12) but no success.

Actually I am not sure if the problem is related to the kernel or my KDE.
Please CC me cause I am not currently subscribed in the list.

in peace

I don't see how a troubling mem module would cause problems only on two programs. Bad mem is likely to cause general and/or random problems, including data corruption. Well, testing the mem module is always a good thing to do, as pointed by the other reply to you. Memtest86 is a nice program, let it run for a good time (hours). I let a computer run memtest86 overnight yesterday, completing 8 hours without errors. Its a good thing to do when you buy a new module and need to test it in order to return it in time if it is bugged.

I had mem probs. but because of the new mobo (epox 8vtai0). I ended up raising the DIMM voltage 0.2 vols. The book said the default was 2.5v but in fact it was 2.7v. My problems were just that: random hangs and segfaults. Preferred segfault seemed to be gcc.


did you memtest it already?

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